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Easy To Use Full Featured Auction Software

Start Your Own Profit Pulling Online Auction Website In Minutes WIthout Expensive Costs!

HURRY - For a limited time only we are offering a full 30 day trial of our PLATINUM business plan for $1

What Scriptsoft Auction Software Can Do For You...

Increase Your Profits, Boost Your Business, Sell More Products, Make Money Online !

If you are looking for a way to increase your business profits, or sell more products in your business, or if you are wanting to start a new online business but don't know where to start, then our hosted auction software is the perfect solution for you!

If you already have product to sell and are looking for an alternative plce to ebay to offer them, then why not create YOUR OWN auction website,




Choice Of Fully Responsive Themes

Quick Easy Set Up

We set up your software for you within 24 hrs.... Then all you have to do is upload your logo and make your personal settings... and our helpful videos guide you through the entire process.

You Decide The Site Fees

You have complete control over all the individual  site fees. You can choose to set any amount or set them to free and you have a choice of many fee settings incuding: registration fee, verification fee, listing fee, featured item fee, additional category fee, store subscriptions, end of auction fixed or % and many more.

Wordwide Compatibility

You can set your currency from any country in the world, you can even set up tax and VAT for businesses at any level. We have made the langugae files completely editabe from within the admin panel so if you dont like Google translator you can actual create your own langugae files for the site (this also means you can change the wording for anything you want anywhere on the site!).

Multiple Payment Gateways

We have built into the software all of the most popular current payment gateways so you can start taking online payments from day one via Paypal. Bitcoin, Dwolla, and many other payment processors.

Other Ways To Monetize

As well as your chosen site fees, we have also incuded a banner ad manager whci allows you to further monetize your site by selling adverting space or adding your own affiliate banners, all clicks and displays are autmatically controlled and tracked within the banner ad manager.

Create An Auction Site In ANY Niche

You have full control of the categories and sub-categories, enable and disable auction types and sale types incuding classifieds and wanted ads, make an offer and buy now. You can add custom fileds to the list an item process, and you have full control over the look and feel of the site from our easy to use design editor.

How Does It Work?

What Makes Our Auction Software Better Than Other Scripts?

e have created our software with YOU in mind. When we receive feedback from customers suggesting certain features or options... WE LISTEN. Our customer care and support team are here for you 24/7, Here re some of the amazing features of our auction software that we have added to make the software suitable for everyone.

 Create Your Own Languge Folder and Edit Language FIles

 Link Your Home Page Slider Images To ANY Url 

 Assign Slider Images To A User and Set A Fee

 Charity Donation Roundup Options

 Create Custom Pages and Page Tabs

 Add MetaTags To Categories & Subcategories For Better SEO

 Enable/Disable Classified Ads, Wanted Ads, Google Translator, Tabs, and more

 Automatic Responsive & Mobile Ready Themes

 Image Resizing & Smart Zoom ..... & many more

 Log in with Facebook option

 EU e-Privacy Directive Compliance Cookie Policy & Notifcation Option

These are just SOME of the additional features we coded into the auction software at your requests.

There is NO RISK, no contract, cancel at any time, why not give us a try? We set up your site ready fro you to edit within 24 - 48 hrs.

HURRY - For a limited time only we are offering a full 30 day trial of our PLATINUM business plan for $1

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