New feature provides an extra option and income stream for you.
You can now assign a slider image to a user and set a fee for it. What this means is that you can link any of the home page image sliders to any URL and use it as an extra banner add space or additional featured auction type image and charge a fixed fee to owner.

So to use it as a banner add you would simply negotiate your fee and duration with advertiser... (get them to register) then you just enter their username in the space provided and the fee amount and it is automatically charged to their account.

You could also use it as a more prominent super featured auction. (we already have featured auction images and fees but these appear lower down the page).
To use the larger top image sliders to feature an auction you would simy upload the chosen image, and this time link the slider the auction details page.
Then enter the username and fee to be charged as above. This feature provides flexibilty to use the image slider in a much more versitile way and bring in extra income for you.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

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