You can now enable and disable any of the buttons or links which appear accross the top of your site. We have added this function by populr request. Many users were asking if they can disbale the help button and use the FAQ's page instead, and some users were asking to be able to change the title displayed for each button or link...

We have gone one step further and made it possibe for you to add ANY button or link (dependng which theme/skin you have selected) and link it to any page you want which can be an internal page of your auction site or even an extarnal link to anther site.

To use this option log into admin and go to edit tables... there you will see the option for 'Edit Menu Tabs Table'.
From there you can enable and disable the exitsing links and edit them and add new ones.  :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

<< Zpět

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