How to request cancellation of services

You can cancel your service at any time. We do not lock you into a minumum term contract. 
No refunds can be given on invoices already paid, however after cancellation approval no further incoives will be generated and you will not be charged the recurrig or renewal fee.
Any payments for services made in error AFTER the cancelation period May be refunded at our descretion.

Please note domain registration payments and payments for SSl certificates can not be refunded under any circumstances. You can cancel your domain and cancel future payments but no refunds are given once the domain is registered or the SSL is installed.

The same goes for yearly auction software hosting, once the payment is made for the year no refunds can be given after cancellation even if there is a period of time remainng on the plan.
(you can request imediate cancelation or you can request cancellation to be executed at the end of the current billing period -e.g. at the end of the year plan).

To request a cancellation of your hosted software service please submit a support ticket to the cancellations department at least 14 days before your next invoice is due
briefly stating any reason for cancellation and confirming if cancellation should be imediate or at the end of billing period.

(once a servce has been cancelled or terminated all data will be permenently deleted from your server).

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