Why is my account suspended and how to reinstate

An account may be suspended if invoices remain unpaid despite reminders being sent or for breach of terms of sevice.
Invoices are sent out in plenty of time prior to due date. After the due date if an invoice remains unpaid reminders are sent.
If an account remains unaid after several reminders or for a period of time over several weeks the account will be automatically suspended.
If the account remains suspended and unaid for a further period of time it may be terinated.

To unsuspend an account simply make any outstanding payments due on the account and the account will automatically be reinstated.

Plenty of notice is given and several emails are sent out before any account is suspended. Failure to comly with the requests of these emails and failure to pay outstanding invoices despite several reminders being sent may result in account termination.
Once an account is terminated all data is permenetly deleted and is not recoverable. You are responsible for keeping your account up to date and we will not be held responsible for any loss of data or loss of income as a result of account termination.

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