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all the functions and features you would expect from any professional auction software and more...

Personal Business Branding

Add your site name, Upload your own logo and slider images with just a few clicks. Edit your about us, contact and other pages, plus add your own custom pages from within the admin panel using the simple WYSIWYG editor.

Full Auction Control And Overide

View and control open auctions, closed auctions, auctions waiting approval, or just let the software take care of everything for you. Ad custom auction fields including drop down menus and selections (usefull for size, colors etc),

Registered Users Management

Manage all aspects of your sites registered users. Edit registration fields set up, block users, manage reputation and view abuse reports. Log in as user feature, send newsletters and more, and asign new admin users and levels.

Store Subscription Management

Allow users to have stores, create multiple store subscription fees, monthly, yearly , fixed, control how many items can be added in each store subscripton level, and have them featured on the home page or not (another great way to make recurring income from your site!

Payment and Fees Management

Set your own fees, you are in control, set up any currency, let your users pay as they go in live timel or in monthly account payment mode where they get invoiced monthly for any fees due. Choose from multiple online payment gateways and offline payment methods and add custom payment methods.

Several Auction And Sale Type Options

Our software is so versitile it allows you to have regular bidding auctions, dutch auction, enable buy now, make an offer, swap offers and even options for classified and wanted ads, so you are not limited to auction only , the choice is yours.

Built In Banner Ads Manager

Our built in banner ads manager tracks clicks, impressions and allows you to control where and how banner ads are diaplayed on your site, so you can sell advertising space or ad your won affiliate banners.

Charities Roundup      Option

Make money for your chosen charities and give buyers the option to support charities by rounding up their final auction payment as a donation to your chosen charity. The software keeps track of the charities and totals raised you just forward the money.

Accounting and Tax Options

Optional tax settings allow you to charge tax at various levels and allow sellers eligibel to apply tax. View and set limits on overdue accounts (in account mode), search and view invoices, Charity roundup donation options and more

Those are just a few of the admin panel functions, If you would like a more detailed look at what functions and features are available inside admin click the button below for a detailed video walkthrough.....

We also have a deicated support team on hand to help you 24/7 as well as a Video 'How To' library to ensure you never get stuck!

Registered clinets can log in and submit a support ticket to the correct department for the fastest response.

Non registered visitors can contact pre-sales support only.

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